Zinc has been used for hundreds of years and was discovered in 1500 by Andreas Marggraf in Germany. Manufacturing of the product started in the UK and Europe in the 18th century. It now has numerous applications worldwide and over 30% of the global zinc supply comes from re-cycled zinc. It’s long life span ensures that old zinc will be able to be re-cycled for many years.

The main uses of rolled zinc sheet and strip is for roofing, cladding, flashings, and rainwater disposal. It has been used extensively in Europe for many decades and architects in the UK have realised the possibilities it offers due to its excellent aesthetic and practical qualities. More and more buildings are being covered with Zinc and it is becoming a common site on many new projects. With long life and minimal maintenance, allied to its versatility and cost effectiveness, it is a very viable product.

The zinc-titanium alloy used conforms to EN988 which covers such factors as surface finish, dimensional tolerances, and tensile strength. Various surface finishes are available to give a wider choice to the specifier and building owner. Metra are distributors for the two major European zinc manufacturers.

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