Rainwater Systems

A rainwater system made from metal is the ultimate method of ensuring water is easily removed from buildings.

Cost effective solution for rainwater removal

It’s longevity makes it far superior to any of the modern ‘plastic’ systems currently used on both domestic and industrial buildings. Made from naturally occuring metals, zinc, steel (including galvanised), and copper, which are re-cyclable, and require very little life-time maintenance, they will normally last as long as the building itself. Available in various finishes they can readily suit the requirements of the architect or building owner, and offer the best long term cost effective solution for rainwater removal.

Rainwater Systems Brands


Rheinzink produce a range of rainwater gutter systems in varying sizes and finishes.


The VM ‘Pluline’ rainwater system is available in ‘P’ or ‘D’ sizes, for domestic or industrial applications.


Over 75 years in the development, production and marketing of roof and façade systems made from aluminium.

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