Copper has been used by man since pre-historic times and its longevity is remarkable with examples of original copper roofs still to be found on medeival buildings around europe.

Roofing and cladding of buildings

Since it was first refined around 5000BC it now has many uses such as wires, coinage, pipes, ornaments, and cylinders. A major architectural use is for roofing and cladding of buildings.

The natural copper colour , when used externally, gradually forms a patina turning to brown and eventually to the green finish seen on many domes in cities all over the world. These colours are now available from new, due to an accelerated weathering process which replicates the natural patination process. This allows architects to design buildings to suit the local environment with a product that will last for years. Our copper is milled in Finland by Aurubis, one of Europe’s largest producers. Please click on their page for further information.

Copper Brands


Aurubis are one of the world’s leading global copper groups, manufacturing an array of different copper products.

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