Aurubis are one of the world’s leading global copper groups, manufacturing an array of different copper products.

Their architectural products, especially for the construction industry, are some of the best available, with high quality finishes in various aspects. Metra are their UK Distributor for roofing and rainscreen products. They produce these in their factory in Pori, in Finland.

Available in sheet and coil, we can supply standard copper through to their range of ‘Nordic’ finishes which include brown, blue, and green. The green finish is specially produced to provide the globally recognised hue which normally occurs over a period of years in the natural environment when copper oxidises through shades of brown, eventually turning green. The product is available in coil form so is perfect for standing seam roofing.

Other finishes including brass, bronze, and ‘Nordic Royal’ which is a gold colour, can also be produced. Samples and literature can be obtained from our sales office.




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